Two new publications shed light on entrepreneurship-based economic development in Virginia

In today’s economic development environment, a variety of local, state and federal resources are available to support small businesses and entrepreneurs. However, the wide variety and geographical dispersion of agencies, programs and organizations providing services can prove confusing for even the savviest individuals and institutions. Here in Virginia, navigating the universe of economic development resources can be a challenge for even the savviest entrepreneurs and economic developers.

To help stem the confusion, I’ve published two new publications, via Virginia Cooperative Extension at Virginia Tech, to provide insight and information to help increase understanding of these issues. The first – Creating Websites to Support Entrepreneurship: Insights from SourceLink Virginia – gives an overview of key regional, state and federal economic development services available in and around the state to support their small businesses. The second – Connecting to Economic Development Resources: A Guide for Virginia Entrepreneurs – provides a case-study of SourceLink Virginia, an online portal launched in 2014 to connect small businesses to resources, as an example of the kinds of information “one-stops,” “hubs” or “portals” launched by communities and states to support entrepreneurship-based economic development.

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated.