SourceLink Virginia project coming to a close on July 15, 2019

It is with bittersweet feelings that we announce that the SourceLink Virginia project will formally come to a close on July 15, 2019. As a result, the main website ( and all of its underlying components will no longer be visible to the public after that time.

From its launch in 2014 by the Virginia Community Economic Network to its eventual transition to Virginia Cooperative Extension in 2016, SourceLink Virginia has been a valuable resource for communities and regions across the Commonwealth in their efforts to launch and grow entrepreneurship-based economic development activities. It is exciting to see the breadth and depth of startup ecosystems and small business supports that have grown and matured over that time in nearly every corner of the state. The website served over 50,000 users and generated thousands of online referrals to service providers such as your organization.

The landscape for entrepreneurship development and support in Virginia is quite different – in a good way – than it was when this project was initially launched, and it is good to know that SourceLink Virginia and its related initiatives played some part in these positive developments. Many thanks extend to the service providers, regional champions, funders, and others who contributed to the successful 5-year run of this initiative.

For those who are interested in leveraging the SourceLink platform to serve your community or region, feel free to reach out to Dara Macan with SourceLink national team in Kansas City. She is available to answer any questions and can be reached at